Gordon Woodman

With ten years in the Calgary commercial real estate community, Gordon has invested his time with a broad set of tenants and landlords, both in brokerage and institutional settings. A deep understanding of the needs and motivations on each side of the table has allowed him to not only present the most ideal spaces to his clients but just as importantly, to negotiate the most favourable transactions.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family has motivated Gordon to focus his skillset on influencing and guiding businesses towards increasing and enhancing their potential by leveraging their real estate.

While business leaders are typically acutely aware of the relationship between their real estate and the productivity of their people and systems, in most cases blind spots persist. By approaching client’s needs through a wide lens that looks beyond finding a “good fit for a good price”, it becomes possible to achieve greater clarity with regards to important elements such as:

  • Risk awareness and mitigation
  • Methods of exerting influence
  • Impacts on productivity
  • Competitor’s use of space
  • Collaborative versus adversarial approaches

Gordon’s greatest professional motivation is the fulfillment that comes from serving these needs by playing a meaningful role in helping to shape his client’s success and legacy while enjoying the countless relationships that grow from these efforts.

Want more information? Email Gordon or phone him at 403.471.3832 today to learn more about how Gordon can help you with your Calgary Commercial Leasing needs.