About Us

Bedrock Realty Advisors is a Calgary real estate brokerage specializing in the leasing, subleasing and lease renewal consultation of tenants seeking office space or commercial real estate in office space downtown Calgary.

With 15 years of experience, Bedrock Realty represents only tenants, so there is no conflict of interest and you can ensure you are always getting the best possible deal. Learn more about Our Team, or get start looking for your perfect office space using our free, easy-to-use Office Space Locator Tool.

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Why Choose Bedrock?

Bedrock operates differently. Many Calgary real estate brokerages earn a majority of their income through listing landlord’s properties, so their focus is generally on finding tenants for their listings, not necessarily finding tenants the best deal.

At Bedrock, we focus on the tenant side of office and commercial leasing. Unlike many other commercial and office realtors working in downtown Calgary, Bedrock Realty Advisors does not work to serve owners and landlords who are focused on simply filling space. Our goal is to provide tenants with timely, creative and cost-effective solutions to your office needs. Also, we split the commission with the listing agent, so you get someone on your side who knows the marketplace to negotiate for you, and best of all, it doesn’t cost the tenant anything!

Learn more about our process in the video below.

Meet Our Team

  • John Savard at Bedrock Realty

    John Savard

  • Mercedes Savard at Bedrock Realty

    Mercedes Savard

  • Jarrett King at Bedrock Realty

    Jarrett King

  • Jerry Mae Noble at Bedrock Realty

    Jerry Mae Noble