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Bedrock Realty Advisors is a Calgary real estate brokerage specializing in the leasing, subleasing and lease renewal consultation of tenants in the local office market. Unlike other Calgary real estate brokerages, the team at Bedrock is focused on helping tenants receive the best deal, rather than taking a commission from listing landlord’s properties. Learn more About Us or try our free, easy-to-use Office Locator Tool to find your perfect office space today!

Our experienced team of commercial realtors know the Calgary market well. Owner John Savard has 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. He is able to fiercely negotiate on tenant’s behalf, and work closely with clients throughout each transaction, bringing a bottom-line focused approach with timely, creative and cost-effective solutions, whether you are looking for a renewal, expansion, space optimization or relocation.

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John Savard

Bedrock’s owner John Savard is one of Calgary’s most well-known and respected commercial and office realtors. With 15 years of experience as a commercial real estate agent, he has carved out a unique niche in the industry as an experienced, customer-focused broker who takes the time to help tenants find the perfect property match.

Savard brings his background in business and proven track record in Calgary’s real estate industry to each of his clients. His strong client advisory skills combined with his inherent capacity to secure the most strategic opportunities possible for his clients have distinguished him amongst his peers, resulting in top sales awards and hundreds of happy clients.

“I understand and appreciate that, as a business operator, you need a work space that is accessible, affordable and engaging to customers.”

John has helped hundreds of customers discover strategic opportunities and negotiate high-value commercial office leases, and his proven track record has earned him international recognition as one of the top performing commercial brokers in the field.

When he’s not working, John enjoys spending time with his wife and family and volunteering his time and resources to the Antipolo Orphanage in the Philippines.

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John Savard commercial realtor calgary
John Savard is an internationally-recognized commercial real estate agent helping clients within the Calgary area.

Mercedes Savard

Mercedes Savard is the Real Estate Broker at Bedrock Realty. With a Masters of Real Estate Development at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and over 10 years of experience in the Calgary Real Estate Industry, Mercedes is trained and experienced in complex financial real estate models. At Bedrock, she monitors the overall operations and compliance requirements of the brokerage.

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Miren Savard Bedrock
Mercedes Savard is the Broker at Bedrock Realty.

Jarrett King

Jarrett is a new leasing associate with Bedrock Realty. His athletic competitive background gives him the drive to fight for the best deal possible for his clients.

A headshot of Calgary leasing agent Jarrett King, who works for Bedrock Really in Calgary, Alberta

Jerry Mae Noble

Jerry Mae Noble is an Administrative Assistant at Bedrock Realty. Jerry has worked with the Savard Group of Companies for more than six years, and has a high level of attention to detail, organization and inter-personal skills. At Bedrock Jerry Mae is responsible for office administration, managing and distributing information, maintaining files and bookkeeping.

jerry noble bedrock realty
Jerry Mae Noble is an Administrative Assistant at Bedrock Realty.

What Our Clients Are Saying

John has been our trusted source for the last twelve years, and our last three office locations. He is incredibly knowledgeable and helped us get a prime location that exceeded our expectations.

John takes the pain out of an office move, without a doubt I would recommend working with BedRock Realty.

Kathy Oberg

B&A Planning Group

John has been my office space advisor for over 7 years now. His initial role was vital in relocating to our previous location 5 years ago.

In our most recent relocation, our company growth plans crated uncertainty over just how much more office space we would require and therefore crated a delay in our ability to make a timely decision. This delay challenged our search choices such that only a few options existed.

Our search parameters were also limited by location. Our firm’s business requires our location to be close to both City Hall and major transportation arteries such as the Memorial Drive and Deerfoot Trail. John was able to increase the set of office location options by recommending a building in the west end of downtown. I trusted johns’ knowledge of our new building’s ingress and egress of traffic. I have since discovered that John’s recommendation has saved our firm a significant amount of travel time.

John successfully navigated our limited choices and was able to successfully negotiate a very favourable lease for our firm in a location that has turned out better than I would have thought. John’s knowledge of the Landlord’s Lease revealed the giving points that provided us the comfort of a lease that would protect our firm.

Without Hesitation, I would recommend John Savard’s office leasing services to my friends and colleagues.

Greg Brown

Brown & Associates Planning Group

ACM Automation used John Savard’s services for our office lease renewals in 2003 & 2008. In both negotiations, we did not want to move and were concerned that our landlord would use that against us. John was able to present market comparable alternatives to the landlord so the landlord now had to compete against its competition to earn our tenancy. I strongly feel that John’s involvement created the leverage that ACM Automation required to secure ACM favourable lease terms.

In the fall of 2011, ACM Automation needed to expand our business. A simple solution presented itself as there was vacant space in our building. Expansion in our building seemed easy as we still had 2 years left on the lease that John had negotiated 3 years prior. We thought we had a solution figured out in our direct discussions with our landlord’s agent but I called my trusted real estate broker for his opinion. John advised us on the office market. It seemed to be a reasonable solution to expand in our building given the limited recoveries that we could achieve in the current Sublease market that would make a move too costly.

Trish Bingam

Owner, ACM Facility Safety

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us secure our new office premises. Your professional expertise and attention to detail made finding new office space a pleasurable experience.

Your understanding of the landlord’s lease and what the landlord’s giving points were helped our firm secure very favourable lease terms. We are confident that you represented our firm’s best interest throughout the entire process.

Your knowledge of the office market saved us money! The recommendation of asking for a free rent period directly helped our firm save a significant amount of money to off-set our moving costs.

Without hesitation, I would recommend your leasing services to my clients, friends and business associates.

Robert B. Ramsay

President, Vantage Engineering Inc.