General FAQs

Who is Bedrock Realty?

Bedrock Realty Advisors Inc. is a Calgary real estate brokerage specializing in the leasing, subleasing and lease renewal consultation of tenants seeking office space or commercial real estate in downtown Calgary. Learn more About Us.

How much is it to attain your services?

When you attain our services and a deal is closed, our fees are paid by the landlord. The landlord would have a listing agreement with the listing agent and the listing agent will split their fees with us. So it won’t cost you anything. In fact, even going direct to the landlord won’t save you money, as the listing agent will just double book the transaction. The fees agreed upon in the listing agreement will be paid by the landlord either way, but by attaining our services you will have representation by an expert knowledgeable of the Calgary real estate market who will be negotiating in your best interests. Contact Us for more information on our fees and services.

Are your services only for commercial office leasing? What about retail, industrial, medical offices etc.?

Our team specializes in office leasing but we have strategic partners for every other type of leasing. Our expertise is only in the City of Calgary. See our Downtown Districts for details on our service areas.

Office Space Locator Tool FAQs

How do I use the Office Space Locator Tool?

View the video below for instructions on using the Office Space Locator Tool. For other helpful videos please see our Explainer Videos section.

What happens when I fill out and submit the Office Space tool form?

The information you submit on our helpful Office Space Locator tool will be processed by Bedrock Realty Advisors, Inc. We will match your needs to our available listings and vacancies in the City of Calgary. A list of properties that match your criteria will be emailed to you in a pdf format within one business day.

Do you do your own research? What are the sources of your database?

Bedrock Realty Advisors subscribes to the services of Co-Star. Co-Star is similar to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the commercial real estate industry. The listings are sourced from all the real estate brokerages in the city, including but not limited to: Avison Young, Barclay Street, CBRE, Royal LePage, Colliers International. Co-Star constantly updates all the listings and ensures their completeness and accuracy.

When I fill out the form on the tool, do I make any commitments/payments to Bedrock Realty Advisors?

No. When you fill out the form, the information is given to you free of charge.

Is my information shared with any outside parties?

No. Bedrock Realty Advisors will not share any information provided in the form with any outside parties.

If I plan to renew my lease but at this point I’m just curious about what deals are out there, can I still ask for your advice?

Yes, we want to hear from you. Whether or not you use our services, we will give you information about the deals available out there for free. We believe we could still help you even if you have no plans of moving out. We can be of value to your renewal process in two ways: (1) we will make the landlord compete for your business, making sure you get the best deal possible and (2) we will represent you and only you, so there is no conflict of interest. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything. Our fees are split with the listing agent, who would otherwise double book the transaction. Going directly to the landlord usually would not translate in savings for you or your company, as the fee is paid out either way. This means you can attain our services risk-free.