John Savard and Family Help Orphans in the Philippines

A young girl feeds a baby orphan being held by a nun in the Philippines

This Christmas, John Savard, the owner of Bedrock Realty Advisors, spent the holidays with his family in the Philippines. While they were there they sponsored a Christmas lunch that fed 100 orphans, all of which are hungry children and families in need in the country. Below are some photos of the Savard family helping during the lunch.

Thank you to Missionaries of Charity (founded by Saint Theresa of Calcutta or better known as Mother Theresa), for making this possible.

Giving back is important to the Savard family and to the Bedrock team. Learn more about how Bedrock Realty has helped those in need around the world on our Community page.

Bedrock Realty Helps Build Well in Uganda

Bedrock Realty owner John Savard is pictured in front of a well being built in Uganda, with community workers behind him
Bedrock Realty owner John Savard is pictured in front of the well he recently helped build in Uganda with the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

John Savard, owner Bedrock Realty, recently paid a visit to Uganda, where he volunteered to help have a well built for the residents in the community.

Once operational, the well will supply fresh water to approximately 3,500 people. This will save these families from walking 6 km to fetch fresh water and save them about $30 USD per month. This is a large portion of their monthly expenses.

A huge thank you to the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and its members Shane Benis and his father Ben Benis who created this project! We are more than pleased to have been able to assist in this incredible goal!

Bedrock Feeds 600 Families in Philippines

Charity & Donating

As many of you already know, we here at Bedrock Realty are very passionate supporters of the Antipolo Orphanage in the Philippines.

In December 2016, we travelled to the orphanage in Manila, where we helped feed 600 families in the city for Christmas. These people were the poorest of the poor in Manila, with many of the families struggling to eat and get even the basic necessities.

It was such a pleasure to be able to be there to help all these families. This is such a valuable charity that really makes a difference int eh lives of others.

If you’re interested in learning more about the charity or donating yourself, visit

Below are some images of our trip – we can’t wait to go back!

Bedrock Supports Free the Children

On Saturday, Sept. 24 Bedrock Realty participated in the 5k Walk for Water in Chestermere.

On Saturday, September 24, the team at Bedrock Realty participated in the Walk for Water, a 5K walk in Chestermere in support of Free the Children. As part of We Day, this charity event helps raise money to build wells in third world countries.

For more information or to help support this wonderful charity, visit