What to Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease Agreement in Calgary

Are you ready to invest in the bright, new possibilities of Calgary’s commercial districts? If so, your decision couldn’t have come at a better time. As Calgary transitions from its image as a hub for energy sector headquarters and attracts a more diverse array of businesses, such as technology innovators, commercial space in Calgary could be the next hot commodity. Securing your space now puts you ahead of the growing competition for the prime real estate locations that appeal to you, your staff, and your customers.

If this is your first time looking to rent or lease space in Calgary, here are a few things to keep in mind.

How Long Can You Rent or Lease for in Calgary?

A commercial space for rent in Calgary provides the business owner with a short or long-term agreement (often in monthly or yearly increments) in which the space can be occupied for business purposes. If it’s a shorter term, the renter typically does not have the right to significantly modify the premises, such as painting, or installing displays.

Some reasons to look for a short-term space solution in Calgary, such as renting/leasing for a year or less, is if you need a pop-up store, a real-time tryout of commercial selling (such as transitioning from a web-based business to a storefront), or if your business has a definitive start and end date (such as a location to sell tickets and merchandise for an event or to use as a studio or makerspace for a limited time).

Calgary has options for short and long-term rentals, so with the help of a professional real estate advisor that specializes in commercial buildings, you can find a location whether you need six months or several years.

Long-term Leasing in Calgary

Long-term leases provide the building owner with more security in knowing that they don’t have to keep looking for tenants; this often translates into lower pricing than short-term leases and rentals.

Since the business will be in the space for quite some time, the owner is also much more amenable to letting the space be customized for the business. In some cases, the owner may even build-to-suit or customize the space according to their tenant’s requests.

Leasing commercial space in Calgary is usually the final stop on the property ladder for viable businesses that will operate long-term from that location, or as the next-to-last stop for businesses looking to buy their own building at a future date.

Look for Your Next Commercial Space in Calgary With BedRock Realty

Your business deserves the best location whether you need a short-term commercial space for rent or a long-term commercial space for lease. Commercial real estate involves complicated contracts that are best reviewed on your behalf by an experienced professional.

For the best professional advice in finding a location and negotiating your contract, turn to BedRock Realty Advisors. We specialize in helping commercial businesses in Calgary find their ideal location that has the highest ROI. Contact us today to learn more.