Upsizing and Downsizing the Smart Way with Downtown Calgary Office Space

Most entrepreneurs think that upsizing is the best way to measure company growth, but let’s not be too hasty. Downsizing could also be a strategic move, and with the many options for downtown Calgary office space, you can find the perfect fit for any business situation.

Here at Bedrock Realty, we have a singular focus on matching businesses of all sizes with spaces to rent or lease in downtown Calgary, or any of the other popular districts. We are plugged into the industry and have access to the most unique spaces, be they towering lofts, accessible to transport corridors, or situated to draw in foot traffic.

We’ve seen many companies up or downsize for many reasons.

Office Space in Downtown Calgary

Upsizing to Accommodate Less Staff but More Products

When product-based companies leverage automation, allow the team to telecommute, or move operations to a digital platform, they often upsize their warehouse space while simultaneously downsizing their office space. They still need office space, just not as much.

Why not try moving the warehouse operations to the transport corridor and the administration offices to a downtown office space? The admin team would appreciate walking access to shops, eateries and services, along with easy access to the LRT line. It’s a creative upsizing solution.

Downsizing for the Staff

We mentioned telecommunicating above, as it is something that helps your team balance busy work and home lives. Even a growing company can downsize into a boutique Calgary downtown office space by setting up a drop in shared workplace environment instead of traditional offices.

Just imagine – your team can work from home but when they need to meet clients or have meetings, they can find an open desk or workspace in your office, and just plug in their laptop. Again, the downtown location is perfect for this type of setup as the shift from corporate headquarters to more tech-focused and boutique businesses is going on right now.

Up or Downsizing to take Advantage of the Calgary Downtown Office Space Market

There is no easy way to put it – lease rates in downtown Calgary have plunged and vacancy rates are high. Although this represents a tough time in our economy, there is a very big silver lining. Up and coming entrepreneurs and small businesses can take advantage of lower rates to move into Calgary’s downtown core, and larger businesses that are winding down operations can divest themselves of sprawling facilities on the outskirts finish out their days in chic offices downtown.

Bedrock Realty matches you with the downtown Calgary office space you need

Whether your company is up or downsizing for any reason, you need the perfect office space for your clients, your team, and your operations. Let us put our experience to work for you. We match you with the best downtown office space in Calgary so your business can continue thriving. Contact us today to learn more.