The Hottest Office Spaces to Rent in Calgary

Location, location, location! That is the mantra when it comes to real estate, and that doesn’t only apply to residential sales. When you are looking to set up an office in Calgary, the location, not the price, should be your driving factor. Of course, lease rates matter too, but the location is what drives customers, enables delivery of stock, and sets the aesthetics of your business. Today we’ll explore some of the hottest locations in Calgary for your business and show you how to find the one you need.

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It’s not a secret that Calgary’s downtown core was hit hard by the recession, but there is a silver lining for businesses looking for office space to rent in Calgary. Lease rates have become extremely competitive, enabling a new wave of small business owners, tech-focused companies, and startups to afford rent downtown. With its transit service and other amenities, downtown is poised to make a strong comeback as the place for businesses to be in Calgary. If you are looking for office space but think the lease rates downtown are too much for your new business, think again. We are happy to show you options in this area.

23rd Street Warehouse Complex

Office space for rent in Calgary doesn’t have to center on high foot traffic. Companies that rely primarily on shipping and receiving goods are better served by a small office and accompanying warehouse bay. One such example is the 23rd street complex with bays from approximately 1,240 to 1,960 square feet, and one or two offices out front. A setup like this eliminates the need to have your office in one location and your warehouse in another. The 23rd Street complex, like most warehouse facilities in the city, is ideally located along major traffic routes; making it easy for you to ship and receive products. Renting office space in Calgary near major commuter routes is also a smart marketing move, as your signage will help push your brand, even if your business isn’t walk-in customer-centric.

Residential Zones

It takes a bit of paperwork and permission from The City of Calgary to open a commercial business in a residential zone but depending on your type of business, it could be well worth the effort. Personal services such as appointment-only hair and nail salons, small catering services, and other businesses where a basement or small dwelling serves as the headquarters, add charm and convenience to the neighborhood. It’s also an ideal way to test drive a business idea when just starting out. Once an area is rezoned, if the original business folds, you may have an opportunity to rent or lease the space. We are happy to show you options for office space to rent that is off the beaten track, and right where your customers live.

Matching You with the Office Space You Need

Bedrock Realty Advisors matches you with the space you want and need. We are familiar with the attributes of hundreds of office spaces for lease in calgary and have solutions for businesses of all sizes. From our in-person consulting to our online tools, working with us is easy and convenient. Contact us today to find the best office space to rent in Calgary.